International Car Transportation From Greece To Europe (BELGIUM-NETHERLANDS-GERMANY-ITALY) and From Europe To Greece

Our company "Medeon Trans Samantas Group" located in Agrinio, has been operating in the field of international car, truck and small truck transport since 1994, offering quality transport services at competitive prices.

With a modern fleet of vehicles, experienced drivers and thanks to our long-standing presence in international car transportation, we can transport cars from European countries to all parts of Greece, as well as from all over Greece to various European countries.

Our experienced and specialized staff is always at your disposal and ensures the transportation of your vehicles, with the utmost safety and consistency, which is why our cars comply with up-to-date international standards.





Our high quality services, prompt service and competitive prices have all gained the trust of the largest retailers throughout Greece and various European countries over the years. We are also trusted by individuals, transporting their cars for business or tourist purposes.

Throughout the years we have been active in international car transportation, our company looks forward to long-term partnerships with its customers and is a helper to the needs of every customer.

Our goal is to provide our clients with the best and immediate service financially, reliably and consistently. And we do this by safely but simultaneously transporting cars from abroad to Greece as well as from one European country to another.






so as to discuss your needs and undertake the immediate and proper transport of your car to Agrinio, all over Greece and various European countries.